Demo group is to target Burnley store

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AN anti-capitalist group which targeted banks and major retail chains in London is set to protest in Burnley town centre.

Tax avoidance campaigners UK Uncut, which recently occupied London’s Fortnum and Mason store, plans to protest outside Burnley’s Dorothy Perkins branch in St James’s Street on April 23rd.

The Arcadia Group, which owns Dorothy Perkins, is headed by tycoon Sir Philip Green who has been targeted by UK Uncut as a tax dodger because of tax arrangements involving his wife who lives in the tax haven of Monaco.

A spokesman for the group said: “We are planning a peaceful protest in Burnley town centre to highlight the national campaign against corporate tax dodgers.

“This is our chance to show that avoiding tax affects everyone in this country and we’re calling on the Government to legislate to stop billions of pounds going to off-shore accounts and to use it to cover our deficit instead.”

The group’s website urges supporters to “bring banners, placards and flags” to the protest which begins at 1-30 p.m.

The spokesman added: “Philip Green is not a non-dom. He lives in the UK. He works in the UK. He pays tax on his salary in the UK. All seems to be in order.

“Until you realise that Philip Green does not actually own any of the Arcadia group that he spends every day running. Instead, it is in the name of his wife who has not done a single day’s work for the company.

“Mrs Green lives in Monaco, where she pays not a penny of income tax.”

Sir Philip was recently appointed as an “efficiency tsar” by the Coalition Government to advise on public sector spending cuts.