Death of Burnley community stalwart - tributes

Carole Barber (s)
Carole Barber (s)
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A CARING community stalwart and former councillor, who fought to improve the area of Burnley in which she lived, has died.

Mrs Carole Barber (69) died at home on Monday, March 14th, after battling ill health.

Mrs Barber ran the Albert Street Area Residents’ Action Group in Bank Hall for years and played an integral part in securing funding to regenerate and clean up the area. It was a role which she relished and later prompted her to successfully stand as a councillor.

Her daughter Juliet Ghayour said she was never seen without her make up and always took pride in her appearance.

“She was a very glamorous woman and that will be my abiding image of her. She always looked after herself and wouldn’t go out without wearing her make up.

“She was a good councillor, she was very diligent and made sure she did it right. She made her views known and was more concerned about people than politics. If she didn’t agree she would let them know.”

A hairdresser by trade, Mrs Barber had her own salon in Nelson. She later stopped working and concentrated her efforts on the community and Juliet said the area did improve while her mother was involved with the residents’ association.

“The area did improve quite a lot while mum was there.

“They got it rejuvenated and cleaned up and she played a huge part in that. They had a caretaker who used to do jobs for the old people so they wouldn’t get ripped off. That service was very popular.”

Before Albert Street Mrs Barber had lived in Briercliffe Road and after she became ill, around three years ago, she moved to a bungalow in the Brunshaw area of town.

Her husband Mr Tom Barber died two years ago. Along with Juliet she leaves grandsons Philip and Leon and sister Cheryl.

“She was very caring, she would do anything for anybody and she was a fantastic mother,” added Juliet.

Mrs Barber’s funeral took place on Tuesday.