Cyclist’s terrifying near miss with Padiham lorry caught on camera

A cyclist has videoed the terrifying moment a Padiham lorry came inches from knocking him off his bike.

The rider, known only as “Andy”, filmed the hair-raising footage of the near miss with the Fagan and Whalley wagon as he cycled to work in Warwickshire.

He captured the alarming footage on a helmet camera which he posted on YouTube to warn drivers of dangers facing cyclists on the road.

Bosses at the Padiham-based haulage firm apologised to the cyclist and insisted the company takes road safety very seriously.

Andy, who lives in Warwickshire, said: “It was really scary. The lorry overtook with plenty of space but I don’t think he had anticipated an island in front and had to swerve in.

“It forced me to swerve and I had just 50cm of space without him hitting me.

“With the size of the vehicle and how close it got to me when it swerved in - if I had not swerved it would have made contact with me.

“If you were dragged under the wheels you would not stand a chance.”

He added: “This is the only incident where I have been in danger. It left me in shock. I was quite upset about it.”

Andy, who commutes to work in Coventry on his bike every day, uploaded the footage on to YouTube to highlight the perils facing cyclists and it has had more than 1,000 views.

He said: “I hope drivers take a look at the video. They should try and be more aware of cyclists.

“There is no issue with drivers overtaking or moving past but they should look ahead and make sure it is safe to do so.

“I would add that alot of motorists don’t realise the speeds that cyclists can go. They can go at 20mph or more and it can take drivers by surprise.”

Commenting on the video, he added: “It only has to make one more person think and it will have worked.”

Andy spoke to Fagan and Whalley bosses said he was happy with the response from the firm based on the Shuttleworth Mead business park.

He said: “I got in touch with the company and to their credit they have been brilliant. They were very considerate and seem to take their policy on safety seriously. This was not a case of a driver not caring. It was an honest mistake.”

A spokesman for Fagan and Whalley said: “Regarding the recent video posted on YouTube regarding a near miss with a cyclist and one of our vehicles, Fagan & Whalley Ltd take road safety very seriously and as has been shown on here actively promote and support road safety campaigns.

“In this instance the driver misjudged the oncoming traffic island and cut-in sharply thankfully narrowly avoiding a collision.

“We have been in contact with the cyclist involved and apologised for the incident. Our driver has seen the video and has been reprimanded for his actions.”