Young wife kept as ‘slave’ in Burnley home

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A YOUNG imported bride beaten by her husband described herself as a slave in the home where she lived with his family, a court heard.

Burnley magistrates were told Mohammed Khan slapped Fozia Gul because she had not worn her cardigan when his brother was present. She also had had blood taken by a male doctor.

Mrs Gul, who does not speak English, was not allowed out of the house from the time she arrived in England and was banned from leaving her bedroom unless she was accompanied. She had previously reported her husband’s conduct.

The court was told Mrs Gul said she was in a very unhappy marriage, but her husband wanted it to carry on. She was now in a women’s refuge with their child.

Magistrates put a 12-month restraining order on Khan prohibiting him from contacting her, except through a solicitor regarding their son.

Khan, of Grey Street, Burnley, sobbed throughout the proceedings. He admitted assault by beating and was given a six-month community order, with 36 hours at an attendance centre and must pay £85 costs.

Mr Basil Dearing (defending) said the separation from his wife and child had caused Khan a great deal of anguish and heart-searching. He did not want his marriage to end but the indications were Mrs Gul had had enough. He added: “We all know that frequently in such situations as this, people reflect and decide in the interests of the children, it is worthwhile giving it a go.”