Wrong way along a dual carriageway, police cars rammed and an Audi doing 90mph because the driver was late for work: Lancashire's roads this week

Police cars were rammed as they tried to stop an Audi being driven the wrong way along a major road in Preston.

The car, which had previously failed to stop in Liverpool, again failed to stop when it was seen by officers in Preston on Tuesday, November 22.

A ‘sting’ operation was carried out to deflate its tyres, but the driver carried on, going the wrong way along the A583 at Ashton-on-Ribble.

The car was eventually boxed in on Chain Caul Way where it rammed several police vehicles.

Nobody was injured and there was only minor damage. The driver was arrested at the scene.

Lancashire’s Road Police officers have also been dealing with overweight wagons, drivers with no insurance or licence, and cars being driven well in excess of the speed limit.

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