Whalley Cricket Club counts cost of ‘sickening’ raid

Mindless vandals smashed their way into a village cricket club causing thousands of pounds worth of damage.

Vandals smash club window
Vandals smash club window

The trail of destruction left by the offenders is being assessed by devastated volunteers who run Whalley Crickt Club.

Police are investigating the break-in, which occurred between 9pm last Tuesday and 8am the following day.

Raiders made numerous attempts at getting in through the front and side doors of the club, which is situated in Mitton Road, before going upstairs and forcing there way in, attempting to smash through the floor and ceiling to try and get downstairs.

Solid doors were damaged costing hundreds in repairs

Failing to do that they were left with the last resort of smashing a window and climbing through.

They broke the lock off the side doors so they could get everything they wanted away in a vehicle, stealing all the bar stock, television, PA system, searching in tea pots, damaging all the cupboards and units behind the bar and kitchen in an attempt to find any money the club might have stashed away.”

Disgusted with the raid, Gary Barker, vice chairman of Whalley Cricket Club, said: “It is truly sickening what vile people are out there that go for cricket clubs in order to gain anything they can. “They don’t care about the knock-on effects it has to us as a small cricket club in the heart of a community.

“We never keep money down at the club it is always taken away with is every night.”

Sgt. Dave Simpson of Clitheroe Police, said: “Police investigations are continuing and we are stepping up patrols around the club area, especially in the evenings.”

Gary added: “We don’t have any fundraising campaigns going, however, if people do want to help we just ask them to come down to the club watch a game have a few drinks and enjoy themselves.”

Anyone who witnessed the theft or has information about the items stolen is asked to contact Police on 101.