War waged on Padiham drug addicts

Padiham town councillor Ken Buckley
Padiham town councillor Ken Buckley

WAR has been declared on drug addicts in Padiham.

A new town councillor has vowed to clean up the streets of the town which he claims are “riddled’’ with drugs.

Coun. Ken Buckley also says dealers have been spotted selling drugs in broad daylight in the town’s main street!

Coun. Buckley said: “I was told this by two different shop owners. We can’t have this happening on our main street in front of young children and babies in prams for goodness sake! I was shocked to discover what a real problem we have with drugs in Padiham.

“From speaking to shop and business owners and to members of the public on the streets, the town is rife with drugs and we should do something about it now. This is not an issue that can be swept under the carpet and I will be speaking to the police to see how we can move forward to to tackle it.’’

A retired engineer who has has lived in Padiham for 25 years, Coun. Buckley said he had spoken to a young mum who had been verbally abused in the street by a drug user while she was taking her child to school.

Coun. Buckley said: “It is absolutely disgusting this kind of thing should be happening on our streets, especially in front of children. We should be able to feel safe on the streets of Padiham, this is our home.’’

A father-of-three with six grandchildren, Coun. Buckley claimed fights regularly break out where known drug users live, people are in the streets banging on doors in the early hours and the use of the drug “Bubble’’ is increasing.

Coun. Buckley, who joined the town council this week, added: “I am not blaming the police for this problem but would like to talk to them about how we can move forward.’’

Padiham’s Neighbourhood Policing Sgt. Duncan Arthur said all resources of the team were being used along with the resources of colleagues across the borough to tackle drugs problems in the town.

He told the Express: “We have executed several warrants in Padiham relating to drugs offences and associated criminality but we rely on the public to provide us with information about anything suspicious they may have seen. They can ring the non emergency 101 number or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.