Video: Padiham car smash horror

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A Padiham woman and her six-year-old grandson had a lucky escape when they arrived home a few minutes after a car smashed into the front of her terraced house on Wednesday night.

“Police said if we had come home a few minutes earlier we could have been killed,” said Mrs Joan Ince (61).

A black Renault Clio, with two young people inside, crashed into her gable end home in Wytham Street after leaving a trail of destruction, crashing into several other cars and injuring a mother and her two sons, one of whom is believed to have a broken wrist.

All three were left bruised and badly shaken.

The mother, Cathy Ingham, said on social media: “I just want to say thank you to the people who helped me and my children in the horrific crash last night.

“People I do not even know was offering us hot drinks, blankets, their homes to sit in. It just goes to show Padiham is a great community and we do all stick together. So thank you again to you all xxx.”

Wytham Street, Padiham, car crash.

Wytham Street, Padiham, car crash.

Mrs Ince told our reporter: “We had just been to see my son in hospital and got home minutes after it happened. The car hit the jamb stone at the front of my house, just where we would have been coming in.”

The Clio is believed to have come down Abingdon Road, hit a car in the middle of the road where the mother and two sons were inside, causing it to smash into a parked Toyota Corolla belonging to her neighbour Jane Sharman.

They were in the kitchen at the back when they heard a bang and saw smoke.

Police are investigating and believe the black Renault Clio was not stolen. They said the car hit the Inghams’ yellow Ford Focus before hitting four more parked vehicles and ploughing into the house.

Police said if we had come home a few minutes earlier we could have been killed

Mrs Joan Ince

It is thought a man wearing a grey tracksuit and possibly a woman with a white handbag and a black coat made off along Thompson Street.

Anybody with information is asked to call police on 101 or contact PC Gavin Wesley or PC Carl Richards in the Road Policing Unit on 472481 quoting log number 1140.

Wytham Street car crash, Padiham

Wytham Street car crash, Padiham