Vandals rip up plants in Padiham park

The vandalised flowers in Memorial Park.
The vandalised flowers in Memorial Park.
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Beautiful plants have been ripped up by the roots in the latest vandalism attack on an award-winning park.

The damage was discovered in Memorial Park, Padiham, early on Wednesday morning, leaving hard-pressed park workers preparing for the prestigious Green Flag parks awards to pick up the pieces.

Their main target for the latest attack was a stunning colourful display planted in the old fountain, itself an iconic Padiham landmark. The park compound was recently raided by thieves who stole the strimmers.

Friends of Memorial Park chairman Carol Stinton said: It all costs and takes people off jobs they want to be doing to put it right

People living in Padiham reacted angrily to the damage, with some calling for CCTV in the park. The culprits were castigated on the popular Ye Olde Padiham Facebook page. Shaun Finnigan commented: “How the people who make these beautiful displays feel I don’t know, all their hard work ruined by some cretin. If found they should be made to replant them all, and sweep the park from top to bottom.”

The destruction follows weeks of similar strikes at parks in Burnley and Padiham. This week the park at Ightenhill was targeted when displays of tulips were decapitated.

In March, Padiham Cricket Club suffered a serious blow at the hands of vandals when hundreds of pounds worth of damage was caused to the club house in Arbories Road, just across the road from Memorial Park.

Club officials blamed a gang of drunken youths for the trouble in which benches were smashed, guttering ripped down and roof tiles damaged.