Vandals ransack Burnley church and steal equipment

Parkside Church, Cog Lane, Burnley.
Parkside Church, Cog Lane, Burnley.

HEARTLESS vandals have left a Burnley church with a £2,300 bill after stealing much-needed equipment.

Parkside Methodist Church was broken into between noon on Friday, June 22nd, and 9am the following day.

Thieves stole computers, a Nintendo Wii. projectors, a laptop, a camera and a plasma TV after ransacking the Cog Lane building.

They trashed offices, smashed internal doors and damaged a recently fitted new ceiling after ripping out the ceiling projectors.

The Rev. Phil Clarke said: “It’s very disappointing. A lot of work has been going on at the church in working with the community, work which has been flourishing. The church has been opening six days a week and obviously when something like this happens it’s disappointing.

“We have secured the premises though and we will battle on.”

Activities which take place at the Cog Lane church include football training, youth group meetings, line-dancing and bacon butty drops.

Despite the setback Mr Clarke said there were no plans to cancel any of these groups and the good work within the community would continue.

“We have no intention of stopping. Obviously some of the groups won’t be able to do exactly what they were doing because all the equipment isn’t there.

“Hopefully we can get the equipment replaced as quickly as possible and carry on as normal.”

Anybody with any information on the burglary can contact the police on 101 or Crimestoppers, anonymously, on 0800 555 111.