Unlicensed door to door sellers 'intimidating' Pendle residents

Elderly and vulnerable residents in Pendle are being advised by police not to answer their door to 'intimidating' men selling kitchen cloths.

Police have issued a warning
Police have issued a warning

The warning was made by Colne and West Craven Police in relation to a group of men from Middlesbrough who have been targeting elderly and vulnerable residents in the area. It is not the first time this has been happening.

PCSO Mark Hyde said: "Residents please be aware that our friends from Middlesbrough are again in the area knocking door to door selling kitchen cleaning cloths/equipment etc.

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"These men do not have the correct licences to be selling door to door and have been known to be intimidating to residents in the past, particularly towards the elderly and more vulnerable and to charge extortionate prices for their products.

"These men have been spoken to by the police, warned regarding their activity and will be reported to Pendle Borough Council, who deal with the licencing offences."

A later statement issued by the police said that the men in question may be using a white VW Van with a registration number AK13 CWV.

Residents are advised not to answer the door to these males and certainly not to buy any of their products. If you are in any way intimidated by these males please ring 101 and quote incident log number LC-20181022-1077. If you believe that criminal offences are being committed at the time then ring 999.