Troublemakers banned from Burnley and Padiham pubs

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if your name is ON the list then you are definitely not coming in!

That is the message to all people in Burnley and Padiham who are on the Pubwatch scheme which lists troublemakers who have been banned from pubs.

Anyone trying to break the ban and enter a pub over the Christmas and New Year period will not be tolerated and their attempts to enjoy a festive tipple or two could lead to the ban being extended or a Drinking Banning Order (DBO) which can run for up to two years. A DBO can usually result in the offender being banned from all licensed premises in a particular area.

Burnley Council has joined forces with the police to send out the tough message to troublemakers and to reinforce this stance a letter is being hand delivered by Neighourhood Policing Teams to every banned person in the borough’s four PubWatch schemes.

John Yardley, Burnley Council’s licensing enforcement officer, said: “There are four PubWatch schemes which cover pubs and clubs in the Burnley, Padiham and Hapton areas of the borough.

“People who commit acts of violence, damage or drug misuse in licensed premises are excluded from entering premises on the scheme for the duration of their ban. It’s a tough message but it’s important they understand that trying to break the ban is totally unacceptable and will not be tolerated.”

All licensees have pictures of the offenders and will inform the police if anyone tries to enter their venue.

They will also record their details so that the police can apply to the magistrates’ court for a DBO where necessary.

Sean Grogan, licensee of Bar Pharoah in Burnley and chairman of Burnley Town Centre PubWatch, said: “The message we want to get across to persons who are on the banned list is, don’t attempt to enter premises as we take breaches of exclusions very seriously and Christmas is no exception.

“Failure to observe the ban can result in their ban being extended or much worse, a Drinking Banning Order being imposed.

“We want people to enjoy themselves over the festive period in the town’s pubs and clubs and we welcome initiatives like this which help to ensure a safe and enjoyable night out.”

PS Michelle Dixon, divisional police licensing sergeant, added: “We’re committed to working in partnership with our local Pubwatch schemes to make sure that those banned don’t cause further problems.

“The warning letter was successfully introduced last year. The fact that there was only one incident throughout the whole festive period meant it was a success.

“We hope that it will have the same impact again this year.”

Coun. Neil Mottershead, the council’s executive member for community safety, said: “The message is simple, if you’re banned, stay away and don’t make things worse for yourself by trying to get into the local pubs and clubs.

“It’s good to see that a scheme that was so successful 12 months ago is being put into action again this Christmas and New Year. I hope it helps make sure that people can enjoy trouble-free nights out in Burnley this festive season.”