Transport police step up railway patrols over summer holidays

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The British Transport Police are stepping up their patrols throughout East Lancashire to deal with the usual increase of trespass incidents on train lines during the summer holidays.

The BTP also have to deal with an increase in other forms of route crime, such as stone throwing and objects being placed on the train line.

BTP are taking a very pro-active approach this summer by speaking with potential troublemakers, and warning them of the danger and consequences of such incidents, before the problem becomes too serious.

Sgt Darren Fawcett said: “We have already seen a slight increase in the number of route crime offences in East Lancashire with youngsters running across the tracks to gain access to platforms. To combat this we have been out to several schools in the area to educate the children and show them the danger of their irresponsible actions.”

The work doesn’t stop there, as throughout the summer holidays officers will be out and about across the area, patrolling stations and on trains and will be speaking to young people about the dangers of the railway.

However the danger of these route crimes are all too real for some, as in other parts of the North west, fatalities have been seen as a result of people trespassing.

Sgt Fawcett added: “Neither I, nor any other officer wants to have to tell another family their son or daughter won’t be coming home. The railway is an inherently dangerous environment and should never be treated otherwise. The railway is certainly not a playground and those who fail to heed the warnings and advice can expect to find themselves being prosecuted.”