Tragic tot’s mum hurled abuse at police

Preston Crown Court
Preston Crown Court

POLICE officers have been giving evidence in the trial of a Burnley mother accused of killing her baby through negligence when a television set fell on the child’s head.

Detectives told the Preston Crown Court jury how Natalie McMillan (25) had hurled abuse at custody officers before being persuaded to visit four-month-old baby Kian who lay fighting for his life in hospital last year.

The child had suffered “catastrophic” head injuries when the TV crashed down on top of him on December 6th last year. He died the following day after the decision was taken to switch off his life support machine.

McMillan, of Clarendon Road, Leeds, denies manslaughter by gross negligence and child cruelty.

Edward Hanratty (41) of Dirkhill Road, Bradford, who is the baby’s father, also denies child cruelty.

The prosecution has now concluded its evidence in the case. The trial is set to continue on Monday.