Tougher new parking rules on the way

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MOTORISTS will have two weeks to get used to new rules to tackle poor parking, with warnings being issued instead of fines.

Lancashire County Council has adopted powers intended to improve road safety and access for pedestrians by deterring drivers from blocking roads and pavements.

They came into force on Saturday, but no penalty charges will be issued to vehicles which break the new rules until Saturday, October 15th.

County Coun. Tim Ashton, Cabinet member for highways and transport, said: “These new powers will allow us to target drivers who park badly and without consideration for other people.

“However, we understand many people will not be aware the rules have changed so, to be fair to them, we’ll be issuing warning notices rather than penalty charges for the first two weeks.

“The reason we have parking enforcement is to keep traffic moving and improve safety and we believe these new powers will be welcomed by every road user who is frustrated by selfish and inconsiderate parking.”

Under the new powers, vehicles which obstruct roads by parking more than 50cm away from the kerb could receive a penalty notice. The new rules also target vehicles parked on dropped kerbs, provided to help wheelchair users and those with powered mobility vehicles or prams get around easily and safely.

Drivers who break the new rules could receive a penalty charge notice which currently stands at £70, discounted to £35 if paid within 14 days.

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