Thug jailed for setting dog on man

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A THUG who goaded his dog to savage a man and attacked the victim at the same time, is behind bars for five years four months.

Burnley Crown Court heard how Leigh Fullard (26) had set the bull mastiff Staffordshire bull terrier cross on Ricardo Robinson and the animal sank its teeth into his thigh and arm.

The victim suffered a very deep bite wound, with loss of skin, to his left elbow and the underlying muscles were visible.

The dog, described by the defendant’s counsel as Fullard’s “constant companion” and which he had had since it was a puppy, has been put down. It had been involved in another incident.

Fullard, currently serving nine months in jail for contempt of court, had admitted wounding with intent to do grievous bodily harm, having a dog dangerously out of control in public and being in breach of a nine month custodial term, suspended for a year, imposed after he was convicted of grievous bodily harm.

The defendant, of Leyland Road, Burnley, has flouted the order once before.

Miss Elizabeth Nicholls (prosecuting) said in April last year, there was an incident between the victim, his friend and the defendant.

Fullard went in a house, the door opened and the defendant’s dog suddenly emerged.

Fullard shouted to the animal: “get him.” The dog took hold of Mr Robinson by the arm and bit him. The victim was able to shake the dog off, but the animal continued to bite his hip.

Miss Nicholls said while the dog was attacking the victim, the defendant was punching him about the head.

Mr Robinson went to hospital where he underwent surgery to close the wound and was put on intravenous antibiotics. The victim would be left permanently scarred.

Fullard had been given the suspended term for breaking a man’s jaw with a single blow, when he believed he had taken his dog.

Mr Simon Gurney (defending) said Fullard suffered depression and anxiety and had been on medication for many years.

Sentencing, Judge Jonathan Gibson said Mr Robinson had received significant injury to his arm, and had suffered pain and loss of function while it was healing.