Thief spotted by security trying to steal vacuum in Burnley supermarket

Burnley Magistrates' CourtBurnley Magistrates' Court
Burnley Magistrates' Court
A thief who stole a vacuum from Tesco in Burnley came clean when questioned about what he had done.

Burnley magistrates heard how Jonathan Devlin had almost 100 offences on his record and was not long out of jail.

The 41-year-old was seen removing a tag from the item and walking straight down the escalator.

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A security officer asked him what he was doing with the cleaner and he claimed: "Oh, I'm just paying for it down here."

Mrs Tracy Yates, prosecuting, said: "He didn't believe him as he had seen him remove the tag. The defendant became quite hostile and tried to push past the security officer and a colleague. He was interviewed at Tesco and admitted the offence."

She added: "He said his intention was to either keep it to sell it or to give it to his brother to make some money. "

Mr John Rusius, defending, said Devlin had suffered from quite severe depression from a young age.

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He had never really got over losing his mother when he was about eight, got in with the wrong crowd, lost his father and then drifted back into the wrong ways.

Mr Rusius said the defendant had been sent to prison in January, but things had recently improved for him.

The solicitor continued: "He has moved into his brother's house in Padiham, has made a claim for benefits, re-engaged with Inspire( the drugs treatment service) and is on a methadone script."

Mr Rusius added: "Things are very much looking up for him. It's clearly something he shouldn't have done."

The defendant, of Palmerston Street, Padiham, admitted theft on March 7th. He was given a six-month community order, with a four- week curfew, between 7pm and 7am.