Teens locked up for Padiham flat raid

Robbie Lunt
Robbie Lunt

A pair of “immature” teenagers have been locked up for their part in a Padiham burglary.

Robbie Lunt (18), of Rosegrove Lane, Burnley, and Corey Harrison (19), of Cardigan Avenue, Burnley, were part of a small group of men responsible for trashing a ground floor flat in Spenser Street on October 11th last year.

Corey Harrison

Corey Harrison

The defendants, who both entered early guilty pleas, targeted the one-bedroom property, which is part of a Stepping Stone housing scheme, while the victim was out watching football with his dad.

Burnley Crown Court how the victim, who had lived in the flat for 10 months, returned home at 11-45pm to discover it had been “turned upside down”. His front door had been damaged, his television was missing, and belongings had been strewn “all over the place”.

Police were called and officers arrived shortly after. CCTV was observed, from which the offenders were identified. The footage showed one of the men using an implement to turn off lighting in the hallway, and later shows them leaving, with one of the men hiding the television up his jumper.

Lunt, who has four convictions for five offences, was said to have shown “regret” following the incident. And Harrison, who has one conviction for a burglary, was described as being “an extremely naive man” who has accepted his actions.

Recorder Roderick Carus QC sentenced each defendant to 21 months in prison, commenting on how Lunt and Harrison have been “lurking around the urban areas of Padiham”.

He said: “Why am I sending you away? Partly because you are 18 and 19 and you’ve never made any effort to live productive lives. Partly because you’ve been drifting around drinking and drugging - an accident waiting to happen.

“You have both committed burglaries before, you Lunt twice, and if young men don’t realise it’s a very serious matter, then it is about time they did.

“Nobody likes going into custody, but some people come out having learnt a lesson. Let’s hope you two do.”