Teenager beaten up in his Burnley home may need reconstructive surgery

William Quinn (17) who may need reconstructive surgery after he was attacked in his own home (s)
William Quinn (17) who may need reconstructive surgery after he was attacked in his own home (s)

A BURNLEY teenager said he may need to have reconstructive surgery on his face after two men subjected him to a vicious attack in his own home leaving him fearing for his life.

William Quinn (17) said he has now been forced to move house following the incident, in Albert Street, during which he was kicked, punched and stamped on. He has been left with a fractured eye socket, fractured rib, torn ligament in his jaw and has been told he may need to have a metal plate put into his face.

William, a student, and his girlfriend had been asleep upstairs when they were woken by someone kicking the front door and shouting around 2am on Sunday, September 2nd.

“I told my girlfriend to go downstairs and get out through the back door,” he said.

“As soon as she went out of the house two big muscular men kicked the front door in and ran up the stairs.

“Before I could do anything I was punched, kicked and stamped on for about five minutes. Every time I tried to get back up they knocked me back down.

“At one point I thought I was going to die. I’ve got bruises all over my body. I tried to defend myself.”

Police and paramedics arrived on the scene and William went to Burnley General Hospital where doctors told him he may need to see a reconstructive specialist.

He has since moved out of the house to another address in Burnley and said the attack had left him paranoid.

“I panic every time I see a car pull up and I haven’t slept since it happened.

“I’m more worried about my girlfriend. I didn’t want to go back to that house.

“I want the people who did this sent away for a very long time.”

William said his attackers were aged between 26 and 28 and were of muscular build.

A police spokeswoman confirmed they were investigating reports of an assault at the house and ask anyone with information to contact them on 101 or Crimestoppers, in confidence, on 0800 555 111.