Teenage terrors given ASBOs

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Two teenagers who have persistently caused problems for people living in an area of Burnley have each been given Anti-Social Behaviour Orders.

John McParland (15) and Connor Catlow (17) are now banned from acting in an anti-social manner around the Queensgate and Briercliffe area as well as throwing any object at any building or vehicle.

They cannot enter an area including parts of Burnley General Hospital, St Cuthbert’s Church and the adjoining Rakehead recreation ground. Streets they are barred from include Sharp Street, Fraser Street, Townley Street, and parts of Bracewell Street, unless they are with a parent or, in McParland’s case, in the Premier Shop.

They are also both banned from associating with each other, as well as with Ryan Whittaker, Seamus Gorton and Sam Krelle. However, McParland can associate with Sam Krelle within the grounds of Burnley FC at Turf Moor.

Police say the ASBOs come after the pair caused endless problems for residents of the Queensgate Ward, especially the area around Briercliffe Road Shopping Centre.

Their anti-social behaviour involved lighting fires, throwing stones at vehicles and shouting and swearing in the street.

PC Martyn Hargreaves, Community Beat Manager for the area, said: “Over the past six months, John McParland and Connor Catlow have blighted the lives of people living in Queensgate Ward.

“ I believe these ASBOs will protect residents from further acts of anti-social behaviour. “This should send a strong message that we do treat anti-social behaviour seriously and we will take action where it’s needed.”

The ASBOs were granted at Burnley Magistrates’ Court and will remain in place for two years.

Members of the public can report a breach of either of these ASBOs or acts of anti-social behaviour in their area, by contacting the police on 101.