Teen on weed caught driving

Burnley Magistrates' Court
Burnley Magistrates' Court
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A Padiham teenager was caught driving with three times the limit of cannabis in his system after he was spotted going slowly, a court heard.

Burnley magistrates were told how Jack Ryan-Winter (19) was pulled over at 1-20am on Burnley Road, Altham, when police saw him travelling close to the centre line. He smelled of the drug.

Ryan-Winter, who owned up to smoking a joint of cannabis before getting behind the wheel, had bloodshot eyes and his speech was slurred.

The defendant, of Russell Terrace, Padiham, admitted driving with a proportion of a specified controlled drug above the specified limit, last August 13. He was fined £220, with £85 costs and a £30 victim surcharge and was banned for a year. Ryan-Winter had no previous convictions.

Mr Andrew Robinson (prosecuting) said tests showed the defendant had 6.1 milligrammes of cannabis per litre of blood in his system. The limit is two.

Ryan- Winter, who was in his first year of driving and represented himself, said: “Phyiscally, I felt fit enough to drive. Obviously, the blood test says otherwise. I had just been to McDonalds to get a brew and was on my way home when I got pulled over.”