Teen in police chase after £36,000 mill raid

Burnley Magistrates' Court.
Burnley Magistrates' Court.
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A teenager who sparked a long police chase was at the wheel of a van containing a haul of stolen boilers after a £36,000 mill raid, a court heard.

Kyle Ellis (19) was pursued through the streets of Burnley, had the van tyres punctured by a stinger, but continued to try and get away from officers on the wheel rims. He was eventually stopped after the prolonged escape bid when officers boxed him in.

Pennine magistrates were told how Ellis had been asked by accomplices to drive the vehicle away from Springvale Mill – and they then left by other means so they wouldn’t be caught with the loot. Ellis’s solicitor told the hearing: “He had been recruited by the others to take the fall, as it were.”

The defendant, of Melville Street, Burnley, admitted dangerous driving, burglary at the mill and theft of boilers worth £9,944, no driving licence and no insurance. He was committed to the crown court for sentence on March 23rd and was bailed on condition he lives at the given address and observes a curfew between 8pm and 5am.

Andrew Robinson (prosecuting) said the burglary was a group offence. The people involved had removed boilers worth almost £10,000 over several hours. He added: “The damage caused may be as high as £26,000.”

Mark Williams (defending) said Ellis had a relatively limited record and the majority of offences had been committed over the last couple of months.

The defendant had not been into the factory, but had been asked to drive the van away from the premises. The others then made off in other ways, so they didn’t risk being caught.

Mr Williams said Ellis panicked when police wanted to stop him and drove round and round Burnley. He continued: “The police boxed him in and arrested him.”

The solicitor said the defendant did not have any similar offences on his record. Mr Williams added: “I think it’s fair to say he has got completely out of his depth.”