Teen banned for ‘morning after’ drink driving


A teenager panicked when his mate, staying over after a night out, vomited on his mum’s expensive rug.

But Owen Brown made matters worse when he took his mum’s car early the next morning to drive his friend home and then crashed into a roadside barrier.

He called the police and admitted he had been driving, that he was a provisional licence holder and didn’t have insurance but then failed a breathalyser,

Brown (19), of St Nicholas Mews, Sabden, pleaded guilty to driving with excess alcohol, without insurance, other than in accordance with a licence and without due care and attention.

He was fined £310 with £105 costs and banned from driving for 12 months.

Ms Alex Mann (prosecuting) said Brown had been cautioned for the offence of taking his mum’s car without consent. She said he had crashed the car at 7-30 am as he failed to negotiate a sharp bend on Billinge End Road, Blackburn.

Mr Gareth Price (defending) said Brown and friends had been on a night out in Whalley and one friend had stayed at his house.

“The friend had vomited on his mother’s very expensive rug,” said Mr Price. “He was concerned how she would react and made the foolish decision to drive him home so he wasn’t in the vicinity when his mum got up.”