Suicide bid woman picked up by police

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A drunken young woman seen lying on the pavement by police was abusive and was arrested after flicking a cigarette towards an officer, a court heard.

Rebecca Ratcliffe (20), who was being assisted by two concerned passers-by, rolled round in the street, shouted and carried on doing it when asked if she wanted to go home. She couldn’t be cautioned over the 11pm trouble as she was incapable of understanding.

Ratcliffe was detained after a warning and when she was being transported to the police station, she was banging her head on the back of the van. The defendant continued with that behaviour at the custody office

Ratcliffe’s solicitor told Burnley magistrates she drank to forget as she was a victim of crime, but had not named those who did it. Adnan Hanif said she had made several suicide attempts and had been discovered lying in the middle of the road, trying to kill herself, by police. She had also been repeatedly stopped from jumping off motorway bridges.

The defendant’s story prompted the Bench to tell her she needed to find some solution to her problems. The chairperson added: “It grieves me that you are not seeking some help and support.”

Ratcliffe, of Kyan Street, Burnley, admitted being drunk and disorderly in Colne Road, on April 13th. The defendant, who was in breach of a conditional discharge, was given a new, 12-month conditional discharge and detained in court until the end of proceedings in lieu of payment of a £20 victim surcharge and a £150 criminal court charge.

Mr Hanif told the hearing a number of people were responsible for crimes against Ratcliffe. He continued: ”There is nothing wrong with her other than the fact that, mentally, she still bears the scars. She drinks to forget about these things.”

The solicitor continued: “She has tried to take her life several times. She needs to get assistance. She wishes to put forward her remorse. She regents her behaviour.”