Study: Lancashire Constabulary dealt with an average of 29 vehicle crimes per day in 2018

There were over 10,000 vehicle crimes committed across Lancashire in 2018 according to a new study, which revealed that Lancashire Constabulary dealt with the 10th-highest number of car-based crimes in the UK.

Across England and Wales, there were450,509 reported vehicle crimes in 2018.
Across England and Wales, there were450,509 reported vehicle crimes in 2018.

Analysing the latest data derived from, the study shows that there was a total of 10,457 vehicular crimes reported by Lancashire Constabulary in 2018, representing a 5% increase from previous year.

On average, there were 29 incidences every day across the 12 months, although Lancashire was still some ways behind Greater London where the Metropolitan Police dealt with an astonishing 113,014 cases of car crimes last year. Across the entirety of England and Wales, there were 450,509 reported to 42 police forces and constabularies - 1,234 every day.

"It’s unfortunate, as many car owners spend a ton of time and money on maintaining all aspects of their vehicle to ensure it runs effortlessly and is road-worthy," said Elie Fakhoury, Managing Director of "With the overall number of vehicle offences increasing from the prior year, it’s a crime which is really impacting drivers."

One of the more preventable crimes, however, there are plenty of ways to deter future vehicular offences using a few simple tips, including parking facing a wall to prevent a quick getaway, making sure valuables are out of plain sight, double checking doors and windows, and trying to park in areas with lots of footfall.

"Individuals can take a range of cost-effective measures to protect their vehicle from the threat of lurking criminals," Elie added. "Overall, better caution and attention from the public can go a very long way in drastically reducing the amount of vehicle crimes across England and Wales."