Sheep killed in horrific attack by dog

Burnley police station
Burnley police station
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a LAMB was skinned alive and another had its throat ripped out when killer dogs attacked a flock of sheep near Towneley Hall.

An adult sheep died and three lambs ready for market were left for dead.

Farmers Len and Joan Alston were alerted to the massacre by a text message from a walker who spotted the scene next Towneley Farm at 8-30 a.m. on Monday.

They did what they could to comfort the creatures but one died soon afterwards. The others were put down.

Said Mrs Alston: “There was nothing we could do — they had been savaged by dogs. It will be a child next unless the people who own these dogs are found and taken to task.”

Mrs Alston said the injuries looked to have been caused by powerful animals and she went on: “Towneley is a popular area for dog walkers and most people are responsible, but some are not, and they don’t seem to care. “There was a lot of blood.”

However, the killings were not the first at Towneley Farm. The couple had a similar experience three years ago when four of their animals were killed.

Burnley Police visited the farm and are investigating.