‘Second chance’ for tools thief who struck while on bail


A thief who stole £970 worth of tools while already on bail has been given a second chance.

Nicholas Gorton (26), of Harold Avenue, Burnley, was handed a suspended sentence for his part in two thefts when he appeared at Burnley Crown Court.

In the first instance, Gorton, along with his brother and another offender, stole a quad bike and generator from a Kendal farm on May 22nd last year.

After being released on bail, the defendant then struck again with another offender - stealing a chainsaw and tools in Whalley on January 21st this year. The high value items have not been recovered, and as such Gorton has been ordered to make a financial contribution.

While considering sentence options, Recorder Nigel Grundy took into consideration the defendant’s early guilty pleas, and the fact his last dishonesty offence had been committed back in 2008.

He said: “In respect of the first offence, there clearly was a degree of planning- you went with others to take that quad bike.

“When you were challenged you did your best to escape and you then dumped what you had taken.

“When released upon bail you compounded your problems by committing another offence of dishonesty.”

Recorder Grundy handed Gorton a five month sentence for each offence, to run concurrently. They were suspended for two years.

A 12 month supervision requirement was also imposed and the defendant was ordered to complete 150 hours of unpaid work.

Recorder Grundy added: “I am giving you a chance, take that chance.

“You had kept yourself out of trouble for many years, and you will be far better devoting yourself to your family and wife.

“But have no doubt if you commit any further offence, you will know exactly where you are going to be going - which is to prison.”