RSPCA appeal after man watches dog kill pet cat

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A shocking attack in which a cat was mauled to death by a dog has left his loving owners traumatised.

The sickening incident happened at 3am on Monday in Rock Lane, near to Towneley Park, when a man allowed his crossbreed dog to chase the cat and attack it.

The six-year-old ginger cat named Isaac was taken to the vets but died shortly after.

His owner, teacher Ian Cronshaw, said: “My wife Gemma is traumatised. We were woken in the early hours by this awful noise.

“I rushed outside and there was a man stood in our garden wearing camouflage watching his dog literally shake Isaac to death.

“I shouted at him and he just got on to his bike and rode off. We had a worrying incident a few months where men wearing camouflage shone lights in to our bedroom window.

“It’s semi-rural where we live and I think they were lampers looking to catch deer. I’m sure this man was training his dog for that purpose.

“Gemma and I are devastated. Isaac was such a loving and trusting cat.”

Despite being rushed to the emergency on-call vets, Isaac had suffered a broken back and had to be put down.

The man is described as having short, crew cut blonde hair spiked up at the front, and aged between 25 and 30. He was riding a black mountain bike.

The RSPCA urged anyone with information to contact the organisation and said it would prosecute the owner responsible.

The spokesman said: “This sounds a very upsetting incident for the cat owner, and horrific for the poor cat itself.

“While instances such as this are certainly not common, where we have been able to prove a case against individuals who do this, we have taken action.

“This is a sickening way for anyone to behave, and there is no excuse for deliberately setting a dog on another animal in this manner.

“If anyone has any information they can contact the RSPCA on 0300 1234 999.”