Police take to sky in helicopter to track down Burnley drug dealers

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AN eye in the sky is being used to seek out Burnley drug dealers.

The police helicopter is being used to identify dealers and catch them in action with its TV camera, thermal imaging equipment and a “spotter-scope” camera.

The work will focus on areas where police believe drug dealing is taking place and is being combined with a “You Are Being Watched” poster campaign, targeting key areas.

Public telephone boxes, side streets and back alleys are high on the priority list.

Insp. Anne White, of the Air Support Unit, said: “Our specialist equipment can be used to identify offenders, as well as record vital evidence, which can help bring people to justice.

“We also hope that it will act as a deterrent, preventing crime from occurring in the first place.

“This operation is about us proactively targeting those who blight the lives of residents. We will simply not tolerate drugs in our communities.”