Police seize booze from underage drinkers in Burnley

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Children’s lives are being put at risk according to police after eight litres of alcohol were seized from underage drinkers in Burnley.

The anti-social behaviour crackdown saw police and Trading Standards officers speak to 213 children on streets and in parks around Burnley on Friday, April 12th.

As well as eight litres of beer and cider being seized; 16 sets of parents were called to collect their children; five children were taken home to their parents and 17 youth referral forms were handed out.

The action came as part of the Burnley Community Alcohol Network (CAN) – a joint scheme run by Lancashire County Council’s Trading Standards Service and Lancashire Constabulary, which is aimed at tackling underage drinking through a range of activity including targeted patrols in hotspot areas.

Licensing Sgt Michelle Dixon said: “It is concerning that we are finding groups of young children on the streets drinking alcohol and even more so that some adults are supplying alcohol to underage drinkers. Not only are they breaking the law but they are putting these children at risk. Parents who came out to collect their children were extremely supportive and grateful for our actions.

“We will be increasing dedicated Community Alcohol Network patrols over the coming months and will continue to support parents to keep their children safe.”

Sam McConnell, Burnley Council’s community safety manager, added: “Anti-social behaviour connected to underage drinking can make life a misery for residents and I’m sure people will welcome this crackdown.

The CSP has made tackling under-age drinking a priority and it is working with partners including the police, trading standards and the off-licence trade to ensure alcohol doesn’t get into the hands of children.”

Paul Noone, Lancashire’s chief trading standards officer, said: “It is generally accepted that the consumption of alcohol by people who are under-age can result in additional crime and anti-social behaviour.

“One of the main concerns for communities across Lancashire is alcohol-related anti-social behaviour. Not only does it seriously harm the health of our communities but also results in increased fear of crime.”