Police patrols increase after Padiham crime wave

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Police in Padiham have stepped up patrols after a surge of burglaries and car crime in the town.

Mounted patrols and other specialist units were employed in Padiham on Friday evening in response to growing concerns over a recent increase in criminal activity.

Padiham neighbourhood policing Sgt Mick Burnett said a number of arrests had been made over the past week and that patrols would continue.

He said: “There has been a spike in recent weeks of burglaries and other crime, which is why we aim to have a very visible presence on the streets.

“We want to apprehend as many offenders as possible, and there have been some arrests recently.

“The patrols are to increase reassurance to the public and will continue into the near future.”

The Burnley Express recently reported a break-in at Dolly’s sandwich shop in Burnley Road.

Around a dozen cars were broken in to on Saturday night, with several being targeted in the Cambridge Drive area.

Thugs also shot a family’s pet kitten with an air rifle near to the Padiham Greenway.

Padiham residents took to social media to express their frustration and anger with some saying they were scared to go to sleep at night.

Many commented that the town needed its police station re-opening.