Police in rogue motorbikers crackdown warning

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Rogue motorbikers tearing up private land in Hapton are facing a police crackdown.

Moorland has been plagued by off-road bikers around Hameldon Hill outside the village in recent weeks.

Residents in Hameldon Road claim damage has been done to fences along the route and farmers fear livestock could be affected during lambing season.

Eight riders were spotted racing around the land owned by United Utilities last weekend and police say they are breaking the law.

Sgt Mick Burnett, of Padiham Police, said: “It is affecting the quality of life of people living in the area. We are getting complaints all the time.

“They are causing damage to fencing and damage to the land. Livestock is being disturbed during the calving and lambing season.

“People are just riding around and causing a nuisance.”

Sgt Burnett issued a warning to law-breaking bikers that they could face court action and have their bikes confiscated.

He said: “It is private land and they should not be riding up there.

“They are committing offences under the Road Traffic Act.

“If we find out who they are we will be taking positive action against them.

“We have the power to seize their bikes. They could stand to lose their vehicles or even face the consequences in court.”

Anyone with information about rogue motorbikers on the land can contact police on 101.