Police fine Vivary Way queue-jumpers

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Police have handed out anti-social driving warnings to queue jumping drivers on a busy Pendle road.

Five drivers were stopped and warned yesterday (Monday) after being spotted driving in the right hand lane of Vivary Way at the end of the M65, passing queueing traffic before forcing their way back into the left hand lane near the traffic lights at the junction with Barrowford Road and Crown Way.

And police used their Colne and West Craven Police Facebook page to tell people about the crackdown, parodying a driver caught through their inconsiderate driving and receiving a fixed penalty fine of £100 and three points on their licence.

The drivers who were stopped were all issued with anti-social driving notices.

These are placed against both the driver and the vehicle and lasts for 12 months.

If the driver of the vehicle or the vehicle with the warning issued to it is then seen driving in any of those conditions again in the next 12 months the vehicle can be seized and, if not collected after paying for recovery and storage costs, it will be crushed.

Queue jumping occurs frequently at busy times on Vivary Way and Lancashire County Council has plans to install bollards or similar impediments along the carriageway to prevent this happening, although there is no date set for the work to begin.

The junction at the traffic lights has been the scene of a number of accidents over the years.