Police booze plea to away-day football fans


Football fans are being urged to can the alcohol on away-day coach trips.

Lancashire Police hope die-hard supporters travelling to away games will ditch the booze.

The advice comes after officers carried out an operation targeting Blackburn Rovers fans travelling by coach to a Championship fixture with Doncaster Rovers.

An intoxicated 15-year-old, who had drunk half a bottle of vodka, was discovered by police after a tip off by coach staff. He had to be treated by St John’s Ambulance and he and his mother were spoken to by officers at Blackburn Police Station.

Another 17-year-old male was found to be drunk on another coach. He was also given medical assistance and not allowed to carry on to the match.

The operation, alongside South Yorkshire Police, was carried out to ensure coach operators were complying with the Sporting Events (Control of Alcohol) Act with regards to booze on coaches to and from sports events.

Licensing Sergeant Jason Middleton said: “We were pleased that our recent coach inspections found that generally, fans are complying with the rules around not taking alcohol on coaches and not getting drunk.

“Last season we saw twice as many incidents of disorder as a direct result of fans drinking too much alcohol. Whilst this isn’t about telling fans they can’t have a drink and enjoy themselves, we are saying don’t take alcohol on coaches and to those who do plan to drink, do it sensibly so you can actually get to watch the match and so that matches can pass off safely without any incident.

“If you are found with alcohol on a coach, it will be confiscated from you and the chances are that you won’t get to see the match and you could be arrested.”

He added: “We will be working in partnership with other police forces across the country to ensure that both fans and coach operators comply with these simple rules.”