Police ask tradespeople not to carry knives into Burnley Covid vaccination site

Police are asking tradesmen and women who are set to be vaccinated at the Charter Walk vaccination hub to not take a knife or a bladed article inside the centre.

Monday, 8th March 2021, 5:18 pm

The warning has been issued by PC Luke Falkingham, of Burnley Police, after a number of incidents where people have been caught with knives during their vaccine appointments.

In a police Facebook post, he explained: "This post is regarding members of the public bringing knives to the Covid-19 vaccination site in Charter Walk shopping centre. To be clear, these are tradesmen and women who can legitimately carry a knife or other bladed article for work purposes, not people with any malicious intent.

"This is an NHS site and has a strict no knife policy, any knives brought to the site whether it be by mistake or carried for a genuine purpose will be taken from any person upon entry.

The mass vaccine site at Charter Walk, Burnley
The mass vaccine site at Charter Walk, Burnley

"The security based at the site will make a decision on which knives are legally allowed and or are safe to be returned to the public once an individual has been vaccinated. All knives that have been taken from the public, which are illegal are handed to the police and can then be handed back to the owner with a reasonable excuse as to why said item was brought to the vaccination site. If you don’t need it, don’t bring it!

"Any further questions regarding this matter, please contact me on [email protected]"