Police and Crime Commissioner launches Be Cyber Wise campaign

To promote cyber security and help people understand potential online risks, Lancashire's Police and Crime Commissioner has launched a new campaign ahead of Get Safe Online Week.
PCC Clive Grunshaw at the launch of the new campaign.PCC Clive Grunshaw at the launch of the new campaign.
PCC Clive Grunshaw at the launch of the new campaign.

With online crime one of the biggest challenges facing policing, 'Be Cyber Wise' highlights some of the main threats faced by individuals and organisations online using the strap-line "Cyber scammers don’t spell it out" which urges people to take a closer look and gives advice on how to protect against the techniques used to steal personal information or money.

The campaign highlights the importance of reporting all online crimes to Action Fraud, the national reporting centre for fraud and cyber crime and includes a 'risk calculator', helping members of the public and businesses get a clearer view of what their cyber risk might be and how to improve their online security.

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"With online crime accounting for over half of all crime committed every day and set to grow rapidly, one of the most important steps we can take is raise awareness of the risks that online criminals pose and stop the most vulnerable becoming victims," said PCC Clive Grunshaw, who is also the National Association of Police and Crime Commissioners' Lead for Fraud and Cyber Crime.

The campaign is out to raise awareness of the potential risks of cyber crime.The campaign is out to raise awareness of the potential risks of cyber crime.
The campaign is out to raise awareness of the potential risks of cyber crime.

"More and more people are regularly using the internet for an increasing range of activities, from shopping and banking to socialising and even managing home smart-systems, such as heating and appliances, remotely," he added. "As people increasingly live their lives online the risk of being victim of cyber crime increases.

"This is what Be Cyber Wise is all about, highlighting the techniques that criminals use to steal money and information so those who are most impacted, particularly older people and small and medium size businesses, know the signs and protect themselves.

"I'm proud to launch this campaign which will be supported by our cyber volunteers who continue to do fantastic work engaging at a grassroots level across the county," the commissioner continued. "By working together with partners nationally and internationally, we can stay one step ahead of online criminals in the constantly evolving digital world."

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Detective Inspector Andy Horne from Lancashire Constabulary said: "Lancashire Police is committed to tackling all forms of cyber crime, especially where the offenders target the most vulnerable. We focus on four Ps – Prevent, Protect, Prepare, and Pursue with much of our work about educating people and enterprises around how they can make themselves more secure.

"The Constabulary also supports a network of skilled Cyber Special Cyber Volunteers who work tirelessly to provide additional cyber crime resources at the local level, often running digital drop-ins where anyone with questions or concerns can receive face to face advice from a skilled digital volunteer," DI Horne added.