Pet owners who let children’s playground be used as dog toilet must pay up

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EIGHT dog owners have been prosecuted for failing to clean up after their pets.

The prosecutions, brought by Burnley Council, included four men who let their pets use a children’s playground as a toilet. The Bench at Reedley Magistrates’ Court imposed fines totalling £1,400 and costs of £605.

David Fox (23), of Holmsley Street, Burnley, faced two prosecutions, resulting in fines of £350 and costs of £150. Both offences occurred on Fulledge recreation ground.

Gary Tulmore (48), of Branch Road, Burnley, Andrew O’Leary (45), of Olympia Street, Burnley, and William Holt (39), of Olympia Street, Burnley, also failed to clean up after their dogs on Fulledge recreation ground. All were fined £150 with £75 costs

Louise Berry (37), of Walpole Street, Burnley, failed to clean up after her dog outside Briercliffe shopping centre. She was fined £150 with £75 costs.

Deborah Yarwood (45), of Dean Street, Burnley, allowed two dogs to run free at her daughter’s home in Hufling Lane, Burnley, and then called them back in after they had defecated. She was fined £200 and ordered to pay £75 costs.

David Kelly (35), of Parkinson Street, Burnley, was find £150 with £75 costs, and Jamie Lowry (21), of Laithe Street, Burnley, was fined £100 with £75 costs.

Coun. Neil Mottershead,the council Executive member for community safety, said: “The vast majority of owners are responsible and clean up after their dogs.

“Sadly, there’s a small minority who are too selfish or simply just too lazy to bother and seem to think it’s OK to leave a mess for someone else to step in – it’s not.

“Dog fouling causes a health hazard, never mind the mess it makes, and anyone caught not cleaning up after their dog faces a fine and possibly an appearance before the court.”