PC Ian Terry death: Misconduct hearing concludes

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A police officer has been told to resign from the force and another has been reprimanded at the conclusion of a misconduct hearing into the death of Burnley policeman Ian Terry.

PC Chris (pseudonym) was found guilty of discharging a loaded weapon at PC Ian Terry and received a reprimand.

PC Francis (pseudonym) admitted a number of breaches at the start of the hearing surrounding his responsibilities as the Exercise Conducting Officer and has been required to resign from the Force.

The hearing which was conducted by an independent and external police panel considered all the facts from the IPCC investigation, Inquest and Health and Safety at Work Act prosecutions which followed the events of 2008.

Chief Constable Sir Peter Fahy said: “It is six years since Ian died, six years that Ian’s family has had to wait for a conclusion to what has been a complicated and frustrating series of legal and multiple investigative processes which have caused additional delay in bringing this to a conclusion.

“This hearing was the final stage in a very long process and I hope that this decision provides Ian’s family with some form of closure and that they can all now begin to move forward. I would like to express my admiration for the dignity and resolve shown by Ian’s family over the many years it has taken for the case to get to this point.

“Ian Terry was a complete professional, highly regarded by all his colleagues, who served the public of Greater Manchester with huge commitment and expertise.”

“Since Ian’s tragic death we have introduced a number of rigorous measures to ensure that the risk to our officers on such training exercises is minimised and that their safety is our number one priority.”