Parents arrested for being ‘drunk in charge of children’

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The drunken parents of two young children were arrested on Friday night after concerned passers-by called police.

The couple, who a police spokesman said were Polish nationals, were allegedly drunk in charge of the youngsters who were under the age of seven.

A concerned member of the public called police after they were worried for the safety of the children who were said to be in the road while the parents were “paralytic” nearby.

The incident happened in Colne Road, Burnley, near the Lidl store around 7-30pm on Friday.

A police spokesman said when they arrived the mother was with the two boys, thought to be aged two and five, and the older one was carrying cans of cider.

The parents, thought to be in their 40s, were arrested and taken to Burnley Police Station and the children were taken home by a relative.

The couple were later charged with being drunk in charge of a child. The children were referred to Social Services.