Pair banned from every back street in Burnley and Pendle

Robert Tunesi. (s)
Robert Tunesi. (s)

TWO “prolific” burglars have been banned from every back street and alleyway in Burnley and Pendle.

Scott Dumigan (30) of North Street, Burnley, and Robert Tunesi (36) of Stott Street, Nelson, were given the interim Anti-Social Behaviour Order believed to be the first of its kind.

Scott Dumigan. (s)

Scott Dumigan. (s)

Police said the pair, who often acted together, had lengthy records with Dumigan clocking up 73 convictions for 170 offences and Tunesi 56 convictions for 109 crimes.

Earlier this year they had been jailed for 12 weeks after being convicted of three burglaries and having a further three taken into account.

But since their release, the pair have been suspected of other crimes including stealing from cars and petty drugs offences.

Dumigan and Tunesi were hauled before Reedley Magistrates’ Court where police successfully secured an interim ASBO against them.

The order banned the men from entering every back street or alley way in Burnley and Pendle.

The pair were also banned from associating with each other in public or entering private residential property without the permission of the owner.

Speaking after the hearing, PC Adam Gordon, who has worked to secure the interim ASBO, said: “They are prolific criminals. They will attack property from the rear. It is a hallmark of their crimes

“It is the first time we have specifically targeted the modus operandi.

“This is to protect the community to stop them repeating this type of behaviour they are using to commit their offences.

“It is not to punish them it is a preventative measure. The order will be robustly enforced.”

A full ASBO hearing is set to take place on February 15th at Reedley Magistrates’ Court.