Paedophile raids: Burnley man held

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A Burnley man has been arrested as part of a huge nationwide investigation into suspected paedophiles.

The 27-year-old was arrested during raids by the National Crime Agency targeting people looking at indecent images of children online.

Over the last six months police have arrested 16 people across Lancashire on suspicion of possessing/distribution of indecent photos of children. They have been bailed pending inquiries. Nationally, the operation has seen 431 children safeguarded, 660 people arrested, 9,172 devices seized and 833 properties searched.

Det. Chief Insp. Claire McEnery, of Lancashire Constabulary, said: “Tackling child sexual exploitation is a priority and we are committed to preventing child sexual abuse, helping victims and bringing offenders to justice.

“We are determined to stop children being abused and exploited, to prevent harm to those being abused, to help them stay safe online, and get out of exploitative relationships, to bring to justice all those who commit abhorrent crimes and ensure the public are confident to come forward.

“In Lancashire we have dedicated resources to address the online abuse of children and will continue to use a range of investigative techniques to target those engaged in such activity.

“The public rightly expects us to protect children from being exploited and that is exactly what we will continue to deliver.”