Mums took Turf Moor seats as “trophies”

Burnley Magistartes Court.
Burnley Magistartes Court.

A mum-of-five and a mum-of-two have admitted to stealing a wooden seat from Burnley Football Club following the recent derby match between rivals Burnley and Blackburn Rovers.

Pals Lindsey Feast (25) of Lawrence Street, Blackburn, and Kayleigh Wardingley (25) of Windermere Close, Blackburn, tried to smuggle the seat out of Burnley’s Turf Moor ground following the match on September 14th.

Pleading guilty at Burnley Magistrates’ Court the pair claimed they had been asked by another Blackburn Rovers fan to take the seat out of the ground.

Mr Andrew Robinson (prosecuting) told the court that a football intelligence officer had spotted the pair walking suspiciously and later discovered that Wardingley had the seat hidden under her jacket.

Mr Robinson added: “The pair must have been aware that seats from rival sports clubs are seen as trophies and are then posted on social networking sites such as Facebook.”

Mr Paul Huxley (defending) said that Feast, currently serving a 12 month conditional discharge for assault, and mother-of-five Wardingley had done “something stupid.”

He added: “They did not themselves rip the seat out. It was given to them by a male fan who told them they would be less likely to be searched by police or stewards. They were foolish and had been caught up in the derby day atmosphere and rivalry.”

Magistrates told the pair they had “not set a good example to their children.”

Feast was fined £55 and ordered to pay £40 costs and a victim surcharge of £20. Wardingley was ordered to pay £40 costs and a £15 victim surcharge.