MS sufferer has disability scooter stolen from outside Brierfield church

A multiple sclerosis sufferer from Brierfield has been on the receiving end of a callous theft after her mobility scooter was stolen from outside a church on Easter Sunday.

Mrs Beckles on her scooter
Mrs Beckles on her scooter

Mrs Amanda Beckles (43) left her blue Freerider Mayfair scooter outside St Luke's Church in Burnley Road, Brierfield, at 9am when she went into the next door Sunday school with husband Alwyn and two of their children.

However, when they left the building at 10am the scooter was gone.

Mr Beckles (50) said: "It beggars belief that someone could steal a disability scooter, let alone one left outside a church. Amanda struggles to walk long distances without the scooter as her MS has got progressively worse over recent years.

CCTV of the suspect

"One we saw that it had gone we asked the church warden if we could check the CCTV. It shows someone wearing a hooded top and seemingly carrying tools. The footage shows him messing with the steering column and hotwiring the scooter.

"I think he must have stolen it for parts. It's very upsetting, especially as Alwyn could have been left stranded there. She also has a walking stick but that isn't always satisfactory."

Mr Beckles said the theft had been reported to the police and that the scooter was insured so they are hopeful of receiving a new one.

Anyone with information can contact police on 101.