Mounted Branch new additions named in honour of 2012 events

Ch Insp Russ Procter with Guild (left) and Jubilee (right)
Ch Insp Russ Procter with Guild (left) and Jubilee (right)
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TWO of the Lancashire Constabulary’s newest recruits to the mounted branch have been officially named.

The two horses, that joined the force earlier this year were named ‘Jubilee’ and ‘Guild’ by Chief Inspector Russ Procter who has recently left his role working in ‘H’ division at police headquarters and moved to Pennine Division as the Chief Inspector for Neighbourhoods and Partnerships.

The names were chosen after the police offered Facebook followers chance to send in suggestions for the names.

Chief Insp. Procter said, “We threw this open to our Facebook followers for suggestions for the names. We received many responses, and some very creative ones, but given the significance of this year and its events, Jubilee and Guild seemed to fit really well.

“Thank you to everyone who sent in their suggestions and I hope you like our final choices!”

Jubilee is five years old and was bought in April this year and she is one of only two mares (female horses) on the branch. Guild is six years old and arrived in August, he is the first skewbald or coloured horse Lancashire has ever bought so will stand out from the crowd!

Sgt Christine Driver who works in Mounted Branch said; “They are both fantastic horses and they are a very welcome addition to the mounted branch. They join the current team of 16 horses we have and have both fitted in very well.

“They will be working across the county getting involved in policing a wide range of situations, and will be working on their first football match soon, so look out for them and feel free to come and say hello if you spot them out and about!”