Motorists slapped with fines at Ribble Valley beauty spot for parking illegally

Police issued 17 Fixed Penalty Notices in a single day to vehicles parked opposite solid white lines at the picturesque Cromwell Bridge, near Clitheroe.

Tuesday, 2nd June 2020, 7:00 am

On Saturday, police snapped multiple cars parked illegally at the beauty spot and issued a warning to anyone parking there that they would be fined should the behaviour continue the following day.

In a police Facebook post, Clitheroe's Sgt Kevin Day, said: "As we have been driving round today (Saturday), we have seen many instances of people parking opposite solid white lines. "This is an offence punishable by three penalty points and a fine. The solid white lines are there to warn of potential danger spots such as blind bends. The example pictured is at Cromwell Bridge. It is a fast road, and one of our main emergency blue light routes here in the Ribble Valley. It is also used by cyclists, motorcyclists and pedestrians. Not to mention large agricultural vehicles. The lines are there for your safety. Please consider this as fair warning and education, and that from tomorrow we will start prosecuting drivers in contravention of the white lines."

However, when officers returned on Sunday they discovered motorists had failed to heed the advice and were parked illegally. Therefore, PCs Keates and Wilkinson, of Ribble Valley Police had no choice but to hand out Fixed Penalty Notices. Sgt Day added: "PCs Keates and Wilkinson issued a mixture of endorsable and non endorsable Fixed Penalty Notices in relation to vehicles parking opposite white lines. In total 17 tickets were issued, the majority of them at Cromwell Bridge. We will continue this enforcement action whilst the problem remains."

The vehicles were parked illegally near the historical landmark