Motorcyclist sustains 'serious back injuries' after crashing during 'non-essential' journey in East Lancashire

An air ambulance was deployed to help a motorcyclist who had sustained "serious back injuries" after a road traffic collision in East Lancashire.

An air ambulance, a land ambulance and police were called to a road traffic collision in East Lancashire at around 10am yesterday (April 12).

A motorcyclist was found with "serious back injuries" as a result of the collision.

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Images from the scene suggest they may have collided with a fence at the side of the road.

Police have confirmed the reason for the journey was non-essential.

A spokesperson for Lancashire Police said: "Motorcycle RTC in the hills of East Lancashire, serious back injuries sustained.

"Police, Ambulance and Air Ambulance deployed.

"The journey? Non-essential."

A motorcyclist was found with "serious back injuries" after a collision in East Lancashire. (Credit: Lancashire Police)

Lancashire Police have been approached for further comment about the incident.

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Members of the public have been warned not to embark on any non-essential travel “indefinitely”.

Previously, the travel advice had been in place until April 16, but now the guidance has been extended with no end date listed.

You should only leave your home for very limited purposes:

- only go outside for food or health reasons or travelling to and from work but only where you cannot work from home

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- when outside, stay 2 metres (6 feet) away from other people

- wash your hands as soon as you get home

To find out more about the travel restrictions, click HERE.

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