Mother of TV death baby is jailed


The mother of a four-month-old baby boy, said by a judge to have put her drugs lifestyle ahead of her responsibility to her child who died, has been given 15 months jail.

Natalie McMillan’s son Kian died after a TV fell onto him. She admitted child cruelty during a trial at Preston Crown Court where a jury cleared her of manslaughter by gross negligence. Her child died in December 2011 and she had been his principal carer at the time, but had consumed alcohol and drugs.

Sending the 25-year-old to prison Judge Anthony Russell QC, the Recorder of Preston, told her: “This was child cruelty by neglect and at the root of it was your selfish preference for indulging your long-standing drug abuse, giving that more priority than carrying out your parental responsibilities to your infant son, Kian.”

McMillan’s former partner Edward Hanratty, who admitted neglect, failed to appear at the sentencing hearing and the judge issued a bench warrant for his arrest, without bail.