Man suffers burns from chip pan fire after night out

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A Burnley man suffered burns to his arms trying to extinguish a chip pan fire following a night out.

Firefighters warned of the dangers of cooking while under the influence of drink after they were called to a house in Towneley Street around 2am.

Crew manager Andy Coulton said: “The gentleman had arrived home from a night out and started to cook using a pan-full of cooking oil.

“Unfortunately, he then fell asleep and when he awoke the pan was alight. He then tried to put out the fire himself and suffered burns to his arm.

“We would always people never to start cooking following a night out and never attempt to extinguish a fire themselves.”

The fire severely damaged the kitchen and its contents.

It was a busy night for firefighters across Burnley as they were also called out to a number of rubbish fires.

Two, at Barclay Avenue and Mary Towneley Fold, were contained, but a huge pile of domestic rubbish in a backyard in St Matthew’s House spread to the house.

Crew manager Coulton said the fire around 2am could have been started deliberately.

He said: “There was a huge pile of rubbish in the backyard which seems to have been set alight.

“We would advise homeowners not to accumulate flammable materials such as this outside and so close to homes. It is too tempting for someone to set alight.

“Thankfully, in this instance the fire only damaged the window frames of the property but these types of fires have proved catastrophic in the past.

“It took the crew around an hour to put out the blaze and drag the rubbish into the alleyway.”