Man hurt defending pet dog in horror attack in Padiham

Burnley Magistates' Court.
Burnley Magistates' Court.

A father-of-three has admitted being in charge of a “Pit Bull Terrier-type” dog which savaged a man and his pet in Padiham.

Daniel Riley (24) was walking his friend’s dog along Padiham Greenway when it launched an attack on Nicholas Lee and his Bedlington Terrier dog.

The victim was left with severe cuts to his hands in the attack and his pet suffered serious wounds and needed emergency veterinary treatment, a court heard.

Riley, of Kings Drive, admitted being in charge of a dog which was dangerously out of control in public, before Burnley Magistrates’ Court.

The court was told Riley’s friend had a pet, described as a “Pit Bull Terrier” dog, and was said to be reluctant to walk it herself because the animal was so strong.

The defendant made arrangements to walk the woman’s dog along with his own on May 14th.

Andrew Robinson (prosecution) said the woman claimed she handed Riley a muzzle and said the animal needed to wear it as a “safety precaution” because of the dog’s size and strength. The muzzle was not placed on the dog and the defendant denies ever being told by the woman.

Mr Robinson said Riley was walking with the dog off the leash when it launched the attack on Mr Lee and his pet.

He said the dog grabbed Mr Lee’s pet around the neck and “tossed it around”. As he tried to prize the animal’s jaw apart, Mr Lee suffered puncture wounds to his hands and needed hospital treatment and his dog was badly wounded. The court was told Riley, who also suffered injuries to his hands, had been apologetic. The offending animal and Riley’s dog were both destroyed after the attack.

Nick Cassidy (defending) said Riley denied the woman had told him to muzzle the dog and claimed he had walked the animal on numerous occasion with her partner without problem or signs of aggression.

He said Riley took the dog back to the woman and told her to contact police.

Mr Cassidy added: “He is remorseful. He is well aware this incident is truly horrific and he apologises.”

The case was adjourned for a Newton hearing on September 10th before he can be sentenced.