Man (30) was shouting abuse outside partner’s home


A 30-year-old Burnley man breached a non-molestation order by being outside his partner’s address and shouting abuse at her.

But Blackburn magistrates allowed Mark Gallagher to leave court without penalty after hearing the couple had rekindled their relationship after she had obtained the order.

Parveen Akhtar (prosecuting) said: “Despite them getting back together she didn’t get the order removed but saw fit to involve the police after this incident.”

Paul Huxley (defending) said there was clearly something not right about the situation.

“His partner can’t pick and choose when she wants the order to apply,” said Mr Huxley.

Gallagher, of Devonshire Road, Burnley, pleaded guilty to breaching the order in favour of Maxine Tattersall.

Having spent the night in custody he was detained until the court rose.